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DDR2 vs DDR3 on MSI P35 Combo

by on19 June 2007
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Preview: First shootout between DDR2 vs DDR3.

A few days ago we reported we received our first batch of DDR3 memory modules. You can read that part here.

This was reason enough to grab the MSI P35 Combo again and compare the DDR2 versus DDR3 memory scores.

In short, DDR3 may give you a minimal advantage but only with low latencies in applications where memory usage is high. 2GB PC2-6400U DDR2 memory kits with CL4 are available for only €85.

You can just hold your breath for DDR3 for now, it's at least 3 times mor expensive.

Gordianknot/XVID benchmark performed with CL5-5-5-15 1.80V with DDR2 and CL7-7-7-20 1.70V with DDR3, benchmark settings as usual.

The surprising part is that DDR3 scores almost identical to much cheaper DDR2 and we did not use the CL4 setting, which proabably will yield the exact same results. The more cheaper 1066MHz modules will come with CL8. We will continue to test and report back as soon as we got results.


Last modified on 19 June 2007
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