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Apple trashes PC and Vista

by on14 December 2007


On TV and Web

If you go to you will have a nice laugh about a PC versus Mac dilemma. It is aimed at just about anyone who wants to buy a PC for Christmas. Mr. Jobs is probably behind the campaign where the PC is an out of shape and overweight chap with glasses and the Mac is a nice young, cool looking guy. Jobs still believes he is young and cool, at least this is how he dresses and acts on the stage.

PC guy always has to prove itself while MAC is as cool as George Clooney in an espresso commercial. Apple is also trashing Vista, saying that people are going back to XP and this is not something that will make Deadmond (WA) happy. Apple also claims that the fastest Vista notebook is a Mac and so on.

The world would be much better place if Apple was making computers as good as their iPods and iPhones.

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