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Jetway 966PDAG-PB Review

by on21 July 2007



Jetway provdes a board with a really nice layout. colors will hurt an average europen eyes but all connectors are layed out  to make the access as easy as possible. The voltage regulator is an 4-phase analogue part, although we would have prefered an all solid design, it is sufficent and stable in operation. The power connector is positioned under the memory slots. The 8-pin CPU power connector is well placed on the outer edge of the board next to the memory sockets. The CPU area is clear, so mounting big coolers is easy. During operation there was no noticable VDrop, you don't have to worry about stability.


The iCH8 supports four SATA II ports, but lacks support for IDE. For reasons unknown, Jetway only soldered 3 SATA connectors, the 4th wouldn't have hurt. Of course we would have prefered if Jetway has decided to use the iCH8R, for the more enthusiast people this would have been the better choice. A JMicro single IDE controller provides connectivity to only one IDE drive, which has to be jumpered as master. You can not install a second IDE drive.


Last modified on 19 October 2007
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