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Jetway 966PDAG-PB Review

by on21 July 2007



Jetway did an amazing job. We have seen some "budget" boards, for example the MSI P35 Neo-F, but none of them were so easy to use. Despite the BIOS problems and the long response time from Jetway, the company managed to fix them. We don't know many companies they will take complaints seriously. 

Normally vendors do not care of such things, because it's cheap and they will not invest money to improve any BIOS, except there is a serious bug and not even then, you can be sure it get fixed.

The next surprise was the speed of the board. This P965 board is slightly faster or on par with P35 boards. On top of this, Jetway uses solid capacitors, nowadays only found on expensive enthusiast boards. If you don't have lots of money, don't care about RAID - Windows/Linux can do software RAID anyways - and other fancy stuff, and you aren't an hardcore overclocker this board is just right for you and costs only half of comparable boards.

You can buy it for €73,- at


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Last modified on 19 October 2007
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