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Acer Aspire 5520 Athlon 64 X2 under Vista

by on01 August 2007



Although this model didn’t really live up to expectations, it is not the hardware that should be blamed. Yes, Vista Home Premium is just too resource-consuming for this machine, and its 1GB of memory. If you’re insisting on Vista then you should seriously think about upgrading and getting one more gigabyte of memory. However we don’t think that Vista alone should justify this expenditure because 1GB of memory on XP is more than enough for most of the users as the applications we most frequently use on notebooks, rarely require more.

As for the hardware, we must say it’s a very good package. A fast dual-core processor, new chipset and new integrated graphics card, excellent hard disk that would put many of its more expensive rivals to shame, and excellent accessories. The only downside is the cover latch, but we do believe it will loosen up in time. Considering the components, the price is good, despite the Vista troubles, we can easily recommend this notebook.

Supplied by: Genelec Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Manufacturers Web-Site: Acer

Price: €720 + VAT

Note: we weren't able to find the exact same model listed in the EU, but a slightly more powerful version, with a TL-56 CPU at 1.8GHz and 2GB of RAM is available at for €799 inc. VAT.

Reviewed and tested by Sanjin Sejdinović, Nermin Hajdarbegović and Nedim Had?ić



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Last modified on 01 August 2007
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