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Zotac's passive 8600GT Zone Edition

by on12 August 2007



After some time spent with the Zotac 8600 GT Zone Edition we can say that we are more then satisfied with the performance and the card itself. The most important thing is that for a bit more money then you would pay for reference Geforce 8600 GT, you  will get a silent card that is capable of delivering HDMI audio and video signal to your favorite HDTV capable screen, over one HMDI cable.

With good case airflow the temperature won't get to critical value. The card has no need for additional power connector, and the performance is enough for any available game on the market.

If you want a dead silent card with good performance, Zotac Geforce 8600 GT Zone Edition is surely a great offer.

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Last modified on 13 August 2007
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