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MSI's PR 200 notebook deserves the Red Dot

by on10 September 2007



We believe that this is just about enough for our first impression. To summarize, MSI did a great job with this notebook. Let's mention some of the great features such as up to 5 hours battery life with 8 cell battery in airplane conditions and wireless turned off, HDMI that works out of the box, three USB 2.0 ports, crystal clear AVC display with a nice contrast and picture. It's a really fast machine that boots Vista in 45 to 60 seconds, 802.11n wireless LAN works quite well in a 802.11G environment, bluetooth is there too, a fingertip reader for security and last but not least, it looks great.

We are about to do some more testing, but even now, with this first preview, we can easily give MSI a Fudzilla recommended award as this notebook is really an exceptional piece of hardware and it surely deserves the Red Dot award.


One more thing, Vista on notebooks really looks good, and swapping windows in Aero will never bore you as it always looks great. With  a 12 inch laptop this UI improvement is welcome, going over windows showing you a preview what's inside is always fun and it will even render a live video feed in the small window.

You'll read more about it soon. This model is worth the €1300 which is its retail price. If you want a real battery saver with awesome looks, and you don't want to spend as much as €3000 for a brand like Sony this is very good choice.

For approximately €3000, or some €1700 more, you will just get a different brand, and we doubt it can get much better than this. Truly excellent value for money.

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Last modified on 11 September 2007
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