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Sapphire HD2400 XT and HD2600 XT play games

by on27 September 2007



On all resolutions the HD 2600 XT shows that it's an excellent card. When you go for AA and AF, the performance drops, but if you're not too demanding when it comes to eye candy, you'll be well off with it. Thanks to the UVD and HDMI capabilities all HD2000 series cards can turn your PC into a media center. Although the 2600XT falls into the Geforce 8600GT price range, we can recommend it to all consumers looking for a card to provide them with good gaming performance as well as multimedia capabilities. It's cool even when overclocked, the cooler is quiet, and it gets you excellent value for money.

It's available for as little as €85 on the European market, and in our opinion it's a much better choice than the 2600 Pro. Sapphire's 2600 Pro is around €15 cheaper, but if you go for the XT, we think it will be money well spent. A GDDR4 version is also available, but it retails at a much higher €117. You can also get a passively cooled GDDR3 version for €99.

The HD 2400 XT didn't fair well in games, but at lower resolutions and with lower detail levels it can still let you play some games. The card is passive, so you'll need good airflow in your machine, but in return you will get a silent and affordable DX 10 card. Although it's not a good choice for gamers it still packs a punch, and it will suffice for casual gamers and users who consider low noise as their priority.

It's a good choice for Home Theatre PCs, but in that market it faces strong "in house" competition in the form of silent and super cheap HD 2400 Pro cards. Sapphire's passive 2400 XT will set you back around €60 in Europe, while the Pro version retails at a obscenely cheap €40.

Reviewed by Sanjin Sejdinovic

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Last modified on 27 September 2007
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