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Ultra Violet Machines Genesis XOC Rules

by on18 October 2007



Review: The mother of all beasts powered by EVGA

After a month of benchmarking and game testing it's time to deliver our verdict on a very powerful computer, the kind you don't see every day. We tested the Genesis XOC. While you might say you've never heard of it, it's a name that is becoming heard more and more among high-end enthusiasts that can afford such a behemoth.

Genesis is a part of Ultra Violet Machines offerings, a new high-end computer company from Great Britain.

It’s interesting to note that all the computers from Ultra Violet Machines come with EVGA components. In our preview, we mentioned that EVGA and Ultra Violet Machines work closely together, and that the reason behind EVGA parts in these machines is pure quality.

The best thing about it is its sheer power. You can count on this computer in any situation, no matter what the job; this baby can handle it. We tried numerous games on it and not once did our crosshairs tremble.



Ultra Violet Machines sent us the full computer gaming setup. However, you can opt for a full package, or just buy Genesis XOC without the peripherals, meaning monitor, keyboard and mouse. Apart from these, and with some additional cash, you can opt for a number of other devices. Our Genesis XOC came in a huge shock resistant flight crate that looks capable of withstanding almost anything man or mother nature could dish out.


However, you have to order this crate separately, and of course it costs extra. To us, it came in quite handy because during the testing period we used the crate as a desk. Although we received a BenQ 22-inch monitor, 1680x1050 is probably not a resolution that would satisfy a  Genesis XOC owner. The machine itself is capable of much more, so we recommend at least a 24-inch monitor. It would be a pity to waste such potential.

The computer case is very well made, and it’s quite sturdy and robust. The case is actually a modified Silverstone TJ07 case, coated with several layers of beautiful looking paint.  Our sample was a color known as Agent Black. The piano black finish was so flawless that we did not want to touch it, since touching it leaves smudges and fingerprint marks. An included polishing cloth with some polishing fluid would have been a very useful addition to the goodie-filled crate.

If you don’t like the Agent Black color, you can opt for several others, including Bruised Pink, Roswell Pearl and Blood Red.


On the left side of the case there’s a Perspex window, a nice feature which will make your friends green with envy at the view. If you don’t like the UV logo, you can order your machine without it and have an unobscured view of the water cooling blocks. You can also opt for a closed, windowless version.



Although made of light aluminum, the case is quite heavy. The weight of the case is from the water cooling system. However, the extra added weight makes it very stable.

Inside the crate we found a Logitech G15 gaming keyboard, as well as a Razer Copperhead Blue mouse. While there’s no better keyboard listed in the offer, hard core gamers can get a Logitech MX Revolution mouse for £22 extra.

Genesis XOC is a gaming dream machine, and the two water cooled EVGA 8800 Ultra Black Pearl cards speak for themselves.

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Last modified on 20 October 2007
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