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Gainward 8600GT 1024MB is fast and affordable

by on21 October 2007



We tested Gainward's BLISS 1024MB TV DD card with more memory than you could, or should, ask for. Today you mostly see cards with 256MB of memory, 512MB cards are maybe a bit less common, whereas the ones with 1024MB are extremely rare. Gainward chose another path, and presented a card that might attract enthusiasts and those who just like to brag about having 1GB of memory on their €140 card.

We’ll soon see what you can expect from this card. There are very few applications and games that might profit from this much memory. As our test configuration we used the following components:


EVGA 680i SLI (Supplied by EVGA)

Intel Core 2 Duo 6800 Extreme edition (Supplied by Intel)

OCZ FlexXLC PC2 9200 5-5-5-18  (Supplied by OCZ)
        while testing: CL5-5-5-15-CR2T 1066MHz at 2.2V

Graphics Cards:
Jetway HD 2600 XT, Jetway HD 2600 Pro
HIS HD 2600XT IceQ Turbo
Zotac Geforce 8500GT AMP, 8600GT Zone Edition


Power Supply:
OCZ Silencer 750 Quad Black (Supplied by OCZ)

Hard disk:
Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 80GB SATA (Supplied by Seagate)


Freezer 7 Pro (Supplied by Artic Cooling)

Case Fans:
Artic Cooling - Artic Fan 12 PWM





Except for Gainward’s, all the cards have GDDR3 memory. HIS IceQ Turbo is turbo overclocked, so we expected results which would separate it from the pack. In the last test, 3DMark06, we see the results of one ATI HD 2600Pro card running at reference speed.

Considering it is using GDDR2 memory, Gainward is still doing a good job.


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