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Gainward 8800GT Goes like hell at 700MHz+ tested

by on12 November 2007


Preview: First dual slot 700MHz non reference 8800GT

Gainward finally made its own designed 8800 GT card branded Golden sample, and this card works at 700MHz / 2050. It branded the card "Goes like hell" and we know that the card looks quite different and that Gainward changed some of the power components. We will get you more details about it soon.


This is the first sample to hit Europe and the final retail product is clocked to 700MHz, but there is some indication that it might work at even higher speeds. We are happy that someone realized that G92’s single slot cooler is getting too hot and as a result Gainward went for a dual heat pipe cooler.


According to initial testing, Gainward's dual slot card heats up to 75 degrees Celsius at 700MHz+, while the Nvidia reference single slot card easily heats up to 83 Celsius. Gainward Goes like Hell is definitely the fastest 8800GT card that we have tested so far and we know that EVGA and Zotac can match these speeds, but we still have to test their cards.


You can see that it is the fastest card so far and it even works in SLI. A full review will come later this week, as we are busy with the new ATI stuff and with an incredible amount of other cool stuff. A lot of G92 reviews are coming out, but we can see that Goes like Hell actually deserves its name and we really like the dual slot cooler, as it does better job.

We still have to overclock it, but here are a few pictures.


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