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Rain checks for Wii?

by on17 December 2007

Exclusive deal with GameStop

Having problems finding a Wii this holiday season? Nintendo has heard the cries of distress, and in an unprecedented move they are going to do something about it. Nintendo, in conjunction with retailer GameStop, will be launching a “Rain Check” program to cover the shortage of Wii(s) this holiday season, said Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime in a telephone press conference.

Nintendo has been unable to meet the huge customer demand for the Will console this holiday season due to parts shortages. The goal of the “Rain Check” program is to be able to deliver Wii units for customers who are unable to get their hands on one this holiday season. Retailer GameStop said that it currently already had “many tens of thousands” of rain checks. Nintendo did not indicate how many units would be allocated to this “rain check” program, but the “rain checks” will only be available through GameStop stores, as far as we can tell.

Last modified on 17 December 2007
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