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XFX GTX 260 Black Edition is FarCry 2-themed

by on03 November 2008


Preview: Gameplay galore


XFX was kind enough to send us a nice package containing the fastest GTX 260 and currently very popular FarCry 2 game. XFX edition of GTX 260 has the Black Edition suffix, and Black Edition versions traditionally come at higher speeds than reference Nvidia’s cards.

So, it’s an overclocked GTX 260 card based on GT200 core running at 666MHz. XFX overclocked the core by 90MHz (from reference 576MHz), and stream processors from 1242MHz to 1404MHz.


Black Edition GTX 260 is one of the fastest single chip cards and it didn’t even break a sweat while running Far Cry 2.


Fudo played the game through on day one using XFX’s GTX 280 card, and although we agreed that the graphics are excellent, we liked the first Far Cry more.


As you can see from the results all the resolutions are playable, at least for those of us that have monitors less than 26 inches in size.

We’ll soon follow up to show you how GTX 260 handles the competition.

Last modified on 03 November 2008
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