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Toshiba will not deliver OLED TV this year

by on18 December 2007


At least not in the larger sizes people want

Home theater and HDTV enthusiasts have been very excited about OLED HDTV technology for some time. The reason that OLED is so appealing is that it should be able to deliver smaller form factors with less power consumption and provide a far richer and brighter image.

Toshiba announced in October that they planned to deliver the first 30-inch OLED HDTV on the market as soon as 2009. Of course, people hoped that this was not a little creative marketing and that Toshiba would take a break from trying to win the high definition format war to deliver a new OLED HDTV early, maybe even in early 2008. At any rate, Toshiba has announced that they are delaying their plans to enter the OLED HDTV market until at least 2009 and that it might drag into 2010.

The main reason for the delay is that the technology is simply not yet cost effective enough to deliver in any serious consistent quality or quantity. Toshiba will continue to focus on the delivery of smaller OLED screen sizes and continue to develop the technology in hopes that larger OLED screens will become more cost effect and viable in the near future.

Last modified on 18 December 2007
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