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HP refuses to sell efficient printers

by on23 April 2007


Might rent you one

HP has developed a new range of printers that are so efficient they are refusing to sell them.

The Edgeline range are so thrifty with ink that HP is planning to rent them instead. The printers use a new technology where the print head—which is the entire width of the paper—remains stationary as the paper moves through the printer.

Hydrophilic bonding agent is applied to the paper before the ink and this causes it to dry straight away.The only way anyone will be able to have one of these printers is to sign up for a four year lease contract.

HP claims that customers should see at least a 30 percent savings in total operating costs over traditional printers, thanks to lower ink use and increased reliability.

Of course no-one is sure how much the leasing arrangement will be, so it is difficult to calculate whether or not this represents a genuine price savings.

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