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Lian-Li PC-B25F reviewed

by on04 December 2009



Review: Superb craftsmanship, no nonsense layout

is something of an icon when it comes to computer cases and it was one of the first, if not the first case manufacturer to make computer cases out of aluminium. Lian-Li cases have improved vastly over the years thanks to improved manufacturing processes and thanks to Lian-Li’s modular production system; the company can offer a wide range of aluminium cases at a reasonable price.


The most expensive part of making a case is the tooling and this is why many case manufacturers have very similar internal structure in their cases. Lian-Li’s manufacturing process avoids this to a degree, especially as many of the parts are used in more than one model, something that isn’t the case with say regular steel cases.


But enough of the history and technology lesson, let’s take a closer look at the PC-B25F which is the latest addition to Lian-Li’s range of cases. Starting with the packaging, the case comes in an easily recognizable box with clear model name branding and information about the various features of the case. The case is packaged with the usual Styrofoam protection and it comes with a quick setup guide that takes you through the assembly steps. As the PC-B25FB has some unusual features, it helps having a look through this before you start building your system.


Lian-Li supplies a selection of accessories with the PC-B25F that you don’t normally get and apart from a bag of mixed screws, you get a bag of small thumb screws, a bag of larger thumb screws, a bag of rubber grommets, two different size cable management clips, a power supply clamp, a speaker and an extra Molex to fan adapter. The first bag of thumb screws is used for installing the motherboard, while a second bag of thumb screws are combined with the rubber grommets and then attached to the hard drives before sliding them into place in the hard drive bays.


All the mounts for the motherboard are pre-fitted in the case, although there are spare locations for more mounts in case you have a motherboard with a different layout of the holes.  Fitting the motherboard is just a matter of fitting it in the case and screwing in the thumb screws. There are three slightly longer thumb screws supplied for hard to reach places. The thumb screws can also be fitted with a Philips head screw drives if preferred.


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Last modified on 04 December 2009
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