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Sony confirms new pay model

by on16 June 2010

PlayStation Plus premium service comes to PSN

As we recently told you, Sony has now confirmed the roll out of the new $49.99 per year PlayStation Plus premium online service level for PSN. Sony will be charging for access, but just as with Xbox Live, some services will remain free.

Sony is spinning the new service as an “enhanced experience” where subscribers can get “hundreds of dollars of content” as well as discounts on items within the PlayStation Store. Perhaps the most compelling reason to subscribe is the promise of early demo access for PlayStation Plus subscribers only.

Pricing will be $49.99 per year, but players can also choose to pay three months at a time with 3-month subscriptions priced at $17.99. We are told that the first three months of the service will be free for a limited time to current subscribers, but we are not totally clear yet what this means.

According to what we have been able to understand, Sony is trying to make gamers understand that so-called “Standard PSN” features that are now delivered for free will continue to be free. This includes standard multiplayer gaming and messaging. Again, we have to assume that Sony is carefully choosing to use the word “standard” when describing the multiplayer gaming and messaging being offered.  Sources tell us that this is leaving the possibility that the company will offer enhanced multiplayer and messaging services that will only be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Last modified on 20 June 2010
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