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Internet threat to nation

by on17 June 2010

Indonesia's politician thinks it is dangerous

In the way of a celebratory sex scandal, a top Indonesian politician has described the world wide wibble as a huge threat to the country. Indonesia's communications minister the release of another celebrity sex video scandal showed the internet was a threat to the nation and vowed to issue a decree to curb its use.

Communication and Information Minister Tifatul Sembiring, from the Muslim-based Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), told hacks that he wanted to minimise the negative impact from the internet as it will destroy the nation. Basically he has got his knickers in a twist about two two explicit clips showing a popular local rock singer having sex with two models and television presenters. A police probe could see them jailed for lengthy sentences under a controversial anti-porn law passed in 2008.

Sembiring has been trying to ban morally suspect sites on the Internet for ages but his earlier plan was shelved due to widespread opposition. He is now planning a decree which will make it illegal to distribute or provide access to pornography or gambling services on the Internet, as well as anything that spreads religious hatred or threats, and any news deemed "misleading". That would be anything the government disagrees with then.

All Internet cafes and schools will have to install software to filter websites with content listed as negative.

Last modified on 20 June 2010
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