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Bruckheimer to team with MTV Games

by on20 December 2007

New “incubation gaming studio”

With as many hit films as Jerry Bruckheimer has had, it was only a matter of time before he became more involved with the adoption of his film titles into video games. From movies to TV, you may or may not like Bruckheimer’s end product, but it can’t be said that he does not know how to tap into the consumer market. Following in the footsteps of other directors such as Steven Spielberg and John Woo, Bruckheimer will enter the world of video games with a partnership with MTV Games.

Bruckheimer is calling the new studio “Jerry Bruckheimer Game Studio,” which will be an incubation studio to work with Bruckheimer properties to develop new gaming titles around them. The goal is to work with the best and the brightest of the industry and create the best gaming titles possible. Bruckheimer was not specific on the platform on which games would be developed, indicating that they could be for the console, PC, handheld or mobile gaming market space.

Bruckheimer said that Director Mike Newell has been selected as the director of the upcoming “Prince of Persia” film that Bruckheimer has in development. Newell is best known for directing “Donnie Brasco.” A release date for the Prince of Persia movie is targeted for 2009, and, of course, the new studio will be working on the development of a gaming title to go with the movie.

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