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Burger King to sell themed 360 titles again

by on22 June 2010

Part of a Kinect promotion for the holiday season
Burger King knows how to cash in on a good thing. A few years ago Burger King produced three King-oriented titles for the Xbox/Xbox 360; and the company looks to repeat the success that they had last time around by bringing new Kinect compatible King-themed titles out to promote the launch of Kinect.

While the actual titles that the fast food icon has in development are a closely guarded secret at the moment, we know that they will be Burger King-themed and take advantage of Kinect. It is also our guess that they will be affordable, as with the last time around.

The new titles will arrive in time for the November launch of Kinect and be available at Burger King Restaurants only. While Pocket Bike Racers, Big Bumping and Sneak King were not necessarily the most challenging titles that we ever played, they were at least entertaining for a short period of time.

The question this time around is with the titles being Kinect oriented, will that alone hurt the sales? We suspect that will have more to do with the sales of Kinect than anything else.

Last modified on 22 June 2010
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