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Ontario Fusion 40nm has 18W TDP

by on23 June 2010

2011, dual-core with IGP

We have told you that AMD's Llano dual-core is coming in 32nm and this should happen in the first half of 2011. The following chip, codenamed Ontario, should also be an exciting twist.

First of all, it is a chip that has CPU and GPU cores and it is planned for the 40nm process that is usually reserved for graphics or chipsets, but not for CPUs. We believe that there is a strong chance the chip will be manufactured in Globalfoundries fab in Dresden, but we cannot confirm anything at this time.

The important thing is that this dual-core aims for 18W TDP for graphics and CPU, which is 2W better than the Llano. On the other hand we expect better performance from Llano. The Ontario chip can also come as a single core if necessary and all iterations will use DDR3 only.

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