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PC & Wii to get MDK 2 remake

by on28 June 2010

Bioware revised classic to be sold as download
The Bioware classic MDK 2 is being revamped and reissued and there will be a new downloadable offering for the Wii and PC platforms. The announcement was made by publisher Interplay who announced that actually some of the original team that worked on the MDK 2 would be involved in these new versions, which will be developed by developer Beamdog.

The new enhanced and remade version of MDK 2 will feature janitor Kurt Hectic as well as Fluke Hawkis and the mechanical six-legged dog, Max; and will include all of the action and humor that was in the original version of the game.

The Wii version will be released this winter, while the PC version will be released at some point after the Wii version using a digital distribution platform that has yet to be decided according to our sources. It is unknown what it will be sold for at this time.

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