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Kinect seeks unique titles

by on28 June 2010

Does not want shovelware for platform
Microsoft apparently is letting it be known that it is not interested in “shovelware” for Kinect, but instead is seeking unique and original title offerings that really take advantage of the hardware technology offered by Kinect.

In a recent interview with Gameasutra, Chris Penello confirmed that, “We want original games that really take advantage of what our technology does.” In the same interview, Penello goes on to suggest that the Microsoft technology is different and shovelware for the platform is not the way for it to gain acceptance.

When Penello was questioned about the price of the unit during the interview, he said that, “We didn’t want price to be the primary discussion at the show.” He suggests in the interview that the company will be ready to talk about price “…when the experience is what people want it to be….” and this statement does seem to stoke the fires suggesting that Microsoft is trying to change the subject on price because the price for Kinect is still too high.

It seems that the majority of the media will not let go of the price issue and continue to keep the question of Kinect pricing alive; but it would also seem that a lot of the buying public isn’t finding Kinect that compelling due to a lack of interesting software, which could remain the major stumbling block to its acceptance.

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