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AMD readies 95W six-core Thuban

by on29 June 2010

1055T gets even cooler
AMD is preparing to launch a new version of its highly successful and dirt cheap 1055T six-core.

The chipmaker has managed to cut the TDP down to just 95W, which works out to just 15.8W per core, VAT excluded.  The original 1055T had a 125W TDP, but it appears the new 95W part uses the same E0 stepping, hence the rest of the specs have remained unchanged.

Although Intel proudly bears the performance crown in the six-core market segment, AMD’s parts offer much better value for money. Phenoms are still the people’s six-cores, although this might sound a bit communist, or worse.

You can find the listing here, but there's no pricing info. We expect it to cost no more than the 125W version, which sells for about €180.
Last modified on 29 June 2010
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