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Apple rumor site will close its doors

by on21 December 2007


Think Secret will close as part of settlement with Apple

Perhaps the best source of Apple rumors on the Internet will be closing its doors as part of a settlement reached by Apple in its lawsuit with Think Secret. The Think Secret Web site was nailed with a lawsuit by Apple demanding that it reveal its sources on leaked information that appeared in several articles on the Web site. The site refused to reveal its sources and this is what fueled the ill will between Think Secret and Apple.

A settlement has now been reached between Apple and Think Secret, and while Think Secret editors will not have to reveal any of their sources the site will be closing as part of the agreement. While Nick Ciarelli, the site’s publisher, says that he is pleased to reach a settlement with Apple and get on with his college studies, the loss of Think Secret’s inside information about Apple and its products will be missed by readers in the future.

We always found Think Secret to be a hard hitting site with lots of good information for Apple enthusiasts. Our concern, however, is the way that Apple has pushed the site into closing down. While leaked information is part of every industry, Apple must think that it is special and that it has the ability to squash journalists, stories and their writing any time that they like. We surely don’t care for the way that this ended, but it just goes to show you what lengths Apple will go to in an attempt to control the media and the spin on its products.

Read the Think Secret Press Release here.

Last modified on 21 December 2007
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