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IBM adopts Firefox

by on02 July 2010

Big blue wants Firefox by default
IBM has changed its internal IT policy to make Firefox the company's default Web browser. It is seen as a major endorsement of the browser. Biggish Blue have more than 400,000 staff .

Bob Sutor, IBM's vice president of Linux and open source software wrote in his blog that Firefox was a “transparent development model”, with strong security, and support for Web standards and extensibility. He said that Firefox was the "gold standard" for open source Web browsers. Sutor added that for the shift to the cloud to be successful, open standards must be used in the infrastructure, in the applications, and in the way people exchange data.

Big Blue liked the longstanding commitment of Mozilla to open standards and the quality of the implementation of them in Firefox gives us confidence that this is a solid, modern platform that should be part of IBM's own internal transformation to significantly greater use of Cloud Computing.
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