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Asetek makes water cooled AIO PC

by on02 July 2010

Water cooling means power

Asetek, the company that was behind all those all-in-one water cooling systems like CoolIT's ECO A.L.C. and Corsair's H50 with its Asetek LCLC (Low Cost Liquid Cooling) system, has now ventured into quite a new part of the market - All-in-One PCs.

Naturally, these guys are still focusing on water cooling but this time it is all about a system packed in an All-in-One PC and water cooled in order to chill some quite impressive hardware squeezed into a rather thin display case.

The Liquid Cooled All-in-One Prototype, as Asetek brands it for now, is a 24-inch AIO PC with LED backlit display in a case that has a profile similar to Apple's iMAC. The insides of the system are even more impressive as this protype packs a 130W Core i7 CPU and 75W GTX 280M graphics card, all water-cooled by Asetek's prototype water cooler.

The entire system, or the main half of it that includes the pump and the big radiator, are placed inside the stand, while the slim water blocks are placed on the GPU and the CPU.

Of course, unless some system integrator or major vendor catches this video, we won't see it in retail. Considering how impressive it looks, we are quite sure we'll see these sooner or later but with a different brand tag on the screen.

You can check out the video of it


CoolIT informed us that although there are a lot of similar points between ECO ALC and Asetek's LCLC cooling system, CoolIT Systems designs, manufactures and distributes products, including the ECO ALC. CoolIT owns the process from conception to retail.

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