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Intel shows off Moorestown and Meego

by on08 July 2010

Europe package on show
Intel has shown Carrypad a prototype smartphone running Intel’s chips and MeeGo, a Linux-based operating system developed by Intel and Nokia.

Moorestown is an Atom for mobile phones and has been created to be extremely power efficient and manage multi-media. Intel had hoped to have the first phones featuring its chips in hands of consumers later this year but last week, the company said the devices are expected to launch early next year.

Carrypad said that Intel and Nokia have now released version 1.1 of MeeGo that includes the the handset user experience or UX available to developers for review. The protoype phone running MeeGo has an interesting user interface.

MeeGo is still in pretty early stages so we will have to wait and see if other handsets manufacturers will take a shine to it and MeeGo it can become an alternative to Android. The dual MeeGo/ Mooreston 'review' is mostly pictures.
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