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Florida woman arrested for threatening herself

by on12 July 2010

Sent 50,000 text messages
A Florida woman has been jailed for a year after sending herself 50,000 SMS messages which were designed to scare her to bits.

Obviously if you send yourself one or two SMS's you would think you would only be a bit frightened, but after 50,000 you think you must be stalking yourself.  Besides which it must be costing you a fortune and you really need to be stopped for your own good. Jeanne Mundango Manunga told coppers that her former boyfriend and his sister-in-law were behind the threats.  After all she would not send herself 50,000 SMS's would she?

Manunga was convicted in May of three felony counts of false imprisonment by fraud or deceit and two charges of making a false police report. Manunga started sending herself the threatening messages after she and her former boyfriend stopped dating in 2008. She was placed on three years probation and ordered to pay about $50,000 in restitution. 

The court did not make it clear who she should be paying restitution to. We would think that since the threatening messages were to herself, she would have to pay herself $50,000 unless we have got it all wrong, which we suppose we might have.
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