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Apple promises to fix broken time capsules

by on12 July 2010

Two years too late
The design geniuses at Apple seem to have made a bit of a cock up when it came to the somewhat expensive Time Capsule hard-drives.

Apple bulletin boards have been complaining for years that there had been problems with the Time Capules either not powering up, or just shutting down whenever they feel like it.

The problem was first reported in February 2008 and Apple did not say anything about it. Now it claims that a small number of units might have been faulty and it is offering to fix them.

We would have thought after two years it would be impossible to find an Apple fanboy who has not upgraded their Time capsule to what ever model Steve had told them to buy already.  The broken Time Capsules will be mostly sitting in a rubbish heap somewhere and Apple will not have to fix that many.

Still, with Apple you get what you pay for, oh....
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