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EVGA GTX 460 Superclocked reviewed

by on12 July 2010


Metro 2033 confirms that EVGA GTX 460 767MB Superclocked is one mean machine that even the GTX 465 can’t beat. Here we see results equal to those scored by the GTX 465, and the HD 5830 is slower by about 4.2% at high settings.

In the first Metro 2033 test, we made it easier on the cards by turning Advanced DOF (depth of field) in DirectX 11 settings. Tesselation is on in both tests with the difference being in general settings – the first test is done at Normal settings and the second at High. As you can see, when the complexity of effects is lowered, we get a playable framerate with all our tested cards.



Last modified on 30 July 2010
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