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BlackBerry protect to enter beta

by on13 July 2010

Expect an open beta later this year
The rumored consumer protection for non-corporate BlackBerry users is one step closer to release. The new application, which is known as BlackBerry Protect, will enter closed Beta test later this week. BlackBerry Protect is a combination of software and cloud-based services that offer remote locking or wiping of a unit without having the unit connected to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Beyond the remote locking and wiping features, BlackBerry Protect can also display contact information on the home screen of the unit to indicate the owner and aid in the return of the unit. It can also help pinpoint a lost BlackBerry using cell towers and the device’s GPS to get a fix on the phone. If you misplace your BlackBerry, you can now send a command to the phone to increase volume and set off the ringer to aid you in locating the phone. Of course, you will be able to back up and restore your BlackBerry phone data using a Wi-Fi connection.

The power of BlackBerry Protect is obvious, but RIM has not yet indicated how they are going to offer this software and service. It is suspected that a cost will be involved, but pricing is unknown and no additional info is expected to be announced till after the open beta is completed later this year. Look for BlackBerry Protect to arrive this holiday season.
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