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Ubisoft being cautious on 3D

by on13 July 2010

Price needs to come down to gain support
Ubisoft apparently is not jumping head long into the production of 3D titles. According to sources, CEO Yves Guillemot thinks that the price needs to come way down before it will be common place or to a point where it is right to devote the resources in the production of more 3D titles.

Ubisoft will not be caught flat footed, however, as the publisher has both Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and Shaun White Skateboarding both currently in production as titles that will offer 3D support.

Sources tell us that Ubisoft might be prepared to revise their thinking should 3D sales pickup, but with resources stretched to the limit and the costs being as high as they are, it could be next year before Ubisoft jumps all the way in with 3D title support in a big way.
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