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New high end card has two GF104 chips

by on14 July 2010

Comes later this year
We got some confirmation that GTX 480 will get a successor, and this new card will be made out of two GF104 chips.

The card will have two GTX 460 chips so to speak and with the right clocks it could be faster. It is too early to know the exact specification but as a hint what to expect, the full GF104 chip has eight clusters with 48 shaders each, and the card with total 384x2 is possible. This is of course if Nvidia manages to enable all shaders and clock the chip to some decent clocks, say 700+ MHz.

The dual card can end up with up to 768 shaders, but we are quite sure that the final number will be lower than that. As for the memory, GDDR5 is of course the first choice and the clocks speeds around 4000MHz should be possible.

The only thing we can confirm is that the new high end “GX2 Fermi successor” dual card has two GF104 chips and that the performance wise it should be the fastest thing on market, at least it should end up faster than Radeon HD 5970 X2 card, but then again, ATI is not sitting around with its legs crossed.

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