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Point of View gets its AMG overclocked cards

by on15 July 2010

TGT cards powered by Wolfram
Many of you should know a company that goes by the name of Point of View and with XFX out of the picture and with EVGA weaker than before, it was quite logical that this Dutch company would get quite a lot of market presence. The only thing missing were overclocking and sexy products and as of next week this is supposed to change.

We were informed that the legendary Wolfram Tismer has set up a company that will do overclocking for Point of View and brand them TGT. He will definitely be a good match to power the Point of View that is run by quite successful graphics diplomat Bjorn Soli.

What AMG is to Mercedes, that should be the TGT brand for Point of View. The first overclocked GTX 460 cards with clocks of 780 to 820MHz should show up as early as next week. We were told that Point of View TGT should also end up with some GF104 based products even faster than 820MHz and all this will be pre-tested and covered with a nice warranty.

Wolfram and a few of the guys in his team have broad experience and he was one of the key people responsible for getting Gainward and later EVGA overclocking products the fame that they have today. One can only hope that the tradition will continue and we can confirm that Geforce GTX 460 TGT won't be the only card from this lab.
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