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GTX 480 slips to under €400

by on15 July 2010

GTX 465, 470 also see some cuts
ATI is not the only company slashing prices lately, as Nvidia has apparently cut Fermi prices in recent days as well.

Mind you, the price cut does not appear to affect the entire GF100 range, but the GTX 480 is now available at as low as €394 in continental Europe. Most retailers still carry it at €449 or more, but some Austrian and German companies have already cut their prices to under €399. However, there is a catch. Two reference GTX 460 768MB cards in SLI are some 15 percent faster than a single GTX 480, but at the same time they are around 15 percent cheaper than a GTX 480.

The GTX 465 is bound to see a lot of in-house competition from the GTX 460 1GB, so it has already shed part of its value in recent weeks. Although it retailed around the €270 mark a month ago, prices dropped to around €250 some two weeks ago and as of today the lowest list price stands at €219, about the same as a 1GB GTX 460 card. The GTX 470 saw the smallest price drop, but we’re not huge fans of it to begin with. It’s currently available at €282.

As we said earlier, AMD has all but officially cut the HD 5830 MSRP to $199 and most retailers have adjusted their prices accordingly. However, according to our sources the outfit will not reduce HD 5850 just yet. In fact, the HD 5850 is one of the few cards ever to have its MSRP increased after launch. We were hoping pressure from Nvidia would be enough to sway AMD towards more price cuts, but it appears the red team is not too impressed with Nvidia’s GF 104.
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