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Acer builds data centre with own servers

by on16 July 2010

Eats its own dog food
PC maker Acer has adopted a new Data Centre based around its own servers.

Simon Chang, Acer vice president, who is in charge of eDC, siad that it is the first time Acer will adopt own-brand servers in its eDC. The outfit is more famous for its consumer stuff and most of the servers for its data centre were outsourced to IBM or HP.

Acer started renewing its server product line in 2009 and now the stuff is good enough, in terms of reliabilty and over all business plan  to use in its own data centre.

Acer aims to transfer its current systems into a high-density data centre in order to provide platform as a service (PaaS) for software developers. Acer has four big clients already for the centre. 

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