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Microsoft Phone 7 previewed

by on19 July 2010

Looks goood, but there's still a long way to go
Engadget has previewed Redmond’s upcoming Windows Phone 7 and it appears that the new OS shows promise.

Of course, Phone 7 is still a couple of months away, so some aspects are still a bit rough around the edges. Actually, it’s unfinished, but it still offers a glimpse of what to expect.

Engadget liked the Zune-esque UI, as well as some innovative features and services. Improved Office support is a very welcome feature and Microsoft has also managed to improve the browser, which is apparently on a par with the iPhone 4.

All in all it seems like a major improvement over Windows Mobile 6.5 and it could make Microsoft competitive in the mobile market once again, provided all goes well, of course.

Check it out here.

Last modified on 19 July 2010
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