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Microsoft to hand out Windows 7 phones

by on22 July 2010

'Kin hell
Software giant Microsoft is going to give all its employees, some  90,000 of them, Windows Phone 7 devices.

According Tech Flash the move is a cunning plan to make sure its employees are seen eating its own dogfood. It also means that on day One of the launch, Redmond can claim it has sold 90,000 of the things which is well on the road to smacking Jobs' Mob's sales figures. 

Incidently this is a sales trick that Steve Jobs does over at Apple. He gives a free iPhone to all full time employees and then adds the total onto the first day's sales figures. When you hire 75,000 it takes a significant chunk out of what you need to make “magical” sales targets. We are surprised that Microsoft didn't think of it before.

Apple fanboys claim that the iPhone is the most popular mobile phone in Redmond. Even if this is half true, it is a little embarrassing for Microsoft supremo Steve Ballmer. Still Windows 7 mobile is a pretty good operating system and we are fairly sure that any phone released from Microsoft will not require a rubber band to work. (Yes, the Kin worked perfectly, only nobody actually wanted one. sub.ed.)

The Microsoft employees we have spoken too can't wait for the OS to be released so they can get their paws on one thanks to Ballmer.
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