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Verizon shows Apple how to behave

by on22 July 2010

Offers to fix dodgy Droids
Teleco Verizon has shown rivals Apple what to do when your flagship smartphone does not work the way users want.

Instead of ignoring complaints and telling users to “get over it”, Verizon has admitted that a small number of Droid X users have problems with flickering displays on the recently released device. Instead of offering a rubber band to deal with the problem, Verzon has complained to Motorola which has fixed it.

Instead of blaming rivals, the media, and the dog for eating its homework, Verizon has offered to replace the phones. So while Apple users are praising Steve Jobs for giving them free rubber band which may, or may not fix his poor design problems, Verizon users get a new fixed phone.

In addition, Verizon did not call a big press conference inviting only only its tame hacks and spend hours justifying itself without actually doing anything. It issued a press release and got on with it. The idea of spin over actually doing something did not appear to occur to Verizon, which means that it should have top marks from users.
Last modified on 22 July 2010
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