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SilverStone Fortress FT02 chassis gets reviewed

by on22 July 2010


Unboxing, Packaging and Specifications

When our black Fortress FT02 with side panel window (SST-FT02B-W) arrived, it was encased in a typical rectangular “case box” almost identical to that of the Fortress FT01. The marketing details gave us an accurate description of what to expect inside, accompanied by a standard image of the white version of the chassis. The green “FORTRESS” font design at the top left of the box emphasizes a bold distinction between the Fortress series and the Raven series that features a white Halloween-themed font on the Raven RV02 box. Superficialities aside, the case came wrapped in a nylon fabric sandwiched between two large Styrofoam placeholders, making for an ample amount of shipping security while being transported via DHL from SilverStone’s US distribution warehouse in Chino, California.




After unpacking, the chassis itself appeared untouched and in perfect mint condition – not a dent, scratch or smudge to be seen. Just like the Fortress FT01 before it and the Raven RV02, the package also came with a product manual, an assortment of screws, fan adapters, fan power adapters and hard drive mounting accessories.


In particular, the SilverStone Fortress FT02 (SST-FT02B-W) features a total size of 212mm (W) x 497mm (H) x 616mm (D). In contrast, the Fortress FT01 (SST-FT01B-W) came in at a slightly smaller 211mm (W) x 496mm (H) x 494.5mm (D). The most noticeable difference between the two chasses lies with the depth increase on the newer revision, but these unusual dimensions prove to be useful for multi-GPU setups as we will mention shortly.


SilverStone Fortress SST-FT02B-W black with window side panel


SilverStone Fortress SST-FT02S-W silver with window side panel


Here are the general specifications of the Fortress FT02:


In comparison, the Raven RV02 (SST-RV01B-W) measures in at 212mm (W) x 503mm (H) x 643mm (D) while the Raven RV01 (SST-RV02B-W) comes in at a much larger 280mm (W) x 616mm (H) x 660mm (D).SilverStone Raven RV02 for comparison:


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