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JEDEC announces power efficient DDR3L spec

by on27 July 2010

1.35V to save polar bears
JEDEC has announced the DDR3L addendum to its JESD79-3 DDR3 Memory Device Standard. In plain English, albeit bad English, JEDEC has announced a low voltage spec for DDR3 memory chips.

The new chips will operate from a single 1.35V power supply, while current modules work at 1.5V. Although DDR3L memory will be functionally compatible to plain DDR3, not all devices will be interoperable at both voltages.

DDR3L will allow a 15% reduction in power consumption over DDR3 and compared to old DDR2 chips it will consume 40 percent less juice. It’s a welcome reduction in memory-intensive systems, or platforms geared for low consumption and noise.
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