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Amazon sold 17 Wii's per second

by on27 December 2007


When in stock
claims it had the best holiday season so far, selling more than 5.4 million items by Christmas.

It managed to sell as many as 17 Nintendo Wii consoles per second, when they were in stock, that is. The best selling games were Super Mario Galaxy and Call of Duty 4.

The company sold a bunch of HD DVD players, enough to cover seven football fields, or so they say at least, and if you were to line up all the GPS navigation devices sold in the holiday shopping spree, they would make a trail from New Yourk to Philadelphia. The best selling GPS devices were made by Garmin.

As for consumer electronics, Canon's Digital Elph (Ixus) outsold all other cameras, and Samsung's LCD HDTVs proved very popular, too.

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