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XFX HD 5670 1GB tested

by on30 July 2010


XFX HD 5670 is a small graphics card; it’s only 16.8cm long and one slot wide, making it a perfect candidate for barebone and small HTPC cases. Height-wise, this is a standard sized card so you might want to check for compatibility with smaller cases.

The cooler is miniature, with a 13-fin fan (about 5cm in diameter). There was no need for a larger cooler since the small Redwood chip (40nm, 627 million transistors, 104mm2) doesn’t get hot much.


XFX made sure that the card comes with CrossFire connectors, which aren’t there on the reference version. If you’re planning on adding another HD 5670, you can do so, but note that the second card needs a CrossFire connector as well. Of course, we decided to test the card in CrossFire mode as well and you’ll find the results on the following pages.


Apart from cooling the GPU, the cooler touches four memory modules. XFX HD 5670 1GB comes with 512MB of memory on each side of the GPU. The memory modules on the back aren’t cooled.

XFX opted on Samsung K4G10325FE-HC05 memory. The memory is rated at 1000MHz (4000MHz effectively), which combined with 128-bit memory interface allows for 64 GB/s bandwidth.

XFX HD 5670 1GB is ATI Eyefinity ready, meaning that the I/O panel comes with a DisplayPort out. There are also dual-link DVI and HDMI outs.


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