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POV/TGT GTX 480 Beast is water-cooled

by on03 August 2010

A new JetStream copper plate

In addition to availability details regarding its Charged and Ultra Charged graphics cards, Point of View and TGT decided to shed more light about the upcoming GTX 480 Beast card that will be clocked at over 760MHz for the GPU. The Beast will actually be water-cooled, and instead of the bulky full copper block, POV/TGT has decided to use the patented JetStream, Nickel coated, copper plate.

POV/TGT GTX 480 Beast will use a copper plate that is not only surrounded by water, also knowns as the "bathtub cooler", but rather features a lot of internal water channels to increase the cooling surface. This means that the actual heat dissipation will happen in a radiator, or where it should happen, rather than in the water block. The radiator will use a silent low RPM 120mm fan.

The JetStream tech should be quite sufficient for the Beast and we might see some new records made with this card. According to our info, the new card should be available in two to three weeks, depending on the Nvidia yields, as these "Beast worthy" GPUs are pretty rare, hand picked, and can be considered as the cream of the crop.

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