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Dell to upgrade Zino HD nettops

by on03 August 2010

AMD triple and quad cores coming soon
The Hexus crew has dug up some rather interesting info on Dell’s upcoming Zino HD refresh.

According to an official Dell support site, the new range will feature AMD triple and quad core processors. In addition, the Zino HD will also be available with several new dual-cores, including some Turion and V-series mobile parts.

The good news does not end there. Revamped Zinos will feature a new 800 series chipset with integrated HD 4250 graphics. DirectX 11 capable HD 5000 series discrete graphics will be an option as well.

All in all Dell’s tiny Zino HD should pack quite a punch and it will wipe the floor with any Atom-based nettop. However, it’s obvious that the new tri- and quad-core models with discrete graphics won’t come cheap, but even low end Athlon II based models with integrated graphics will outperform Atom nettops by a huge margin.

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