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EVGA releases Free Performance Boost (FPB) for Geforce GTX 460

by on06 August 2010

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New BIOS unlocks fan speeds, boosts performance by 7%

Two days ago, EVGA Product Manager Jacob Freeman posted a preview thread on the EVGA Forums about an upcoming performance patch that would noticeably boost performance for the company's standard Geforce GTX 460 768-P3-1360 and 01G-P3-1371 models.

As explained in the thread, the update intends to unlock the fan speed of the EVGA Geforce GTX 460, allowing it to be set up to 100 percent fan speed in the EVGA Precision overclocking utility. However, the company made note that these GTX 460 models are just the first to receive the new fan speed adjustment function. The feature "will become available with an update on all EVGA graphics cards, including SuperClocked models." We're unsure at this point if that statement also includes EVGA's SSC and FTW cards, but from a consumer benefits perspective, we assume that it should.


Delivering on its promise, EVGA released the Geforce GTX 460 Free Performance Boost (FPB) update a few hours ago in the form of a BIOS update for its Geforce GTX 460 768-P3-1360 and 01G-P3-1371 models. The new BIOS increases the core and shader clock speeds of the cards from 675MHz/1350MHz to 720MHz/1440MHz, or in other words a healthy 7 percent performance boost. Although we haven't spoken with EVGA regarding the intentions of its welcomed GTX 460 performance boost update, we believe it might have something to do with how silent the cards operate at stock fan speeds. Being an enthusiast oriented company with a reputation of selling factory overclocked GPUs, we're sure someone in the management department gave in to the need for more speed.



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