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Activision to support war on used sales

by on09 August 2010

Has not decided which direction they will go
Activision has now publically sounded off that they, too, will be looking to impact the sales of used titles going forward. While the company has confirmed that they will be looking at dealing with the issue, they have yet to formulate a plan to deal with the issue.

According to our sources, the publisher has been looking at what rival publisher Electronic Arts has been doing and monitoring the results very closely. As we have reported previously, EA has been moving to use of a one-time code that is included with a new title purchase, but used titles don’t have the code and the only option players have is to buy access through the console store. These codes enable everything from online play to additional features within the game.

Activision will be putting additional focus on the release and sale of downloadable content going forward, as it sees this as an important way to continue momentum for the title after release; it is also a way to keep players engaged so that they will not want to part with their copies of the game (which in turn limits the number of used copies in the pipeline for used retailers to sell).

Whispers we hear seem to indicate that Activision has some very important plans surrounding downloadable content for the upcoming release of Call of Duty: Black Ops. Rumors suggest that the company is planning a good amount of content to be released for sale very quickly to support the title and to keep players engaged and spending money to contribute to the bottom line of the sales of Call of Duty: Black Ops.
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