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Intel launches netbook game development program

by on10 August 2010

Too little, two years too late
Intel has launched a rather interesting and long overdue developer program in cooperation with The Game Creators.

The chipmaker announced a contest for game developers keen to take on the no-thrills netbook platform. Of course, netbooks don’t pack enough muscle to run proper games, at least not current ones. Basically, users could install some old titles and have some fun on the go, but the platform is very limited, mainly due to lackluster graphics performance.

Intel is aiming to change all that nad it’s offering a $5,000 top prize for the best game submitted in the contest, as well as $1,000 prizes for winners in each category. Runners up will win free netbooks, which doesn’t sound like much of an incentive all things considered.

Although the prizes might not seem very generous, Intel apparently isn’t seeking much in the first place. Games should be submitted in zipped form and they should take up no more than 250MB with no install required.
While this is a good step on Intel’s part, we can’t but wonder why the company didn’t launch similar programs some two years ago, when the netbook craze at its peak.

You can check out the details here.
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