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Xbox beats Wii

by on13 August 2010

First time in three years
Sales figures show that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 outsold Nintendo Wii last month and Ballmer's boys made the top selling video- game console in the U.S. for the first time in almost three years.

Sales of the Xbox 360 more than doubled to 443,500 units, regaining the top spot for the first time since September 2007, according to bean counters at NPD Group. Punters bought 253,900 Wii players, which was about the same as last year while sales of Sony PS3 gained 76 percent to 214,500 units.

The key driver to Microsoft’s success was the new slim format.Microsoft in June shipped a new Xbox machine that was slimmer than its predecessor and had built-in Wi-Fi It has been three years since Microsoft occupied the top sales spot when Microsoft released its “Halo 3” exclusive title. The demand for Xbox 360 bolstered overall sales of hardware 12 percent last month, helping offset the 8 percent decline in software revenue, the report said. Sony and Microsoft hope to increase sales by introducing motion controllers later this year, while Nintendo will upgrade its handheld-player lineup with a model allowing users to see 3- D images without wearing special glasses.

The best-selling game in July was EA's “NCAA Football 11” which sold 368,000 copies for the Xbox and 298,800 copies for PS3, NPD said. PC game sales more than doubled as retail purchases of “StarCraft II” from Activision Blizzard sold 721,000 copies.
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